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What are The Important Components of the Computers?

Computer Hardware
The computer hardware segment in Computer Science Homework help and Computer Science Assignment Help incorporates items such as desktop computers, notebooks, laptops, tablets and computer game consoles. Over the past five years, demand for computer hardware has been driven by a number of factors including a rise in consumer IT literacy, the launch of new products, and an increase in the number of households with access to a computer and a shift in internet connections from wired to mobile or wireless technology.

Despite the dominance of the computer hardware segment, specific product categories have posted mixed results over the past five years. Consumer demand for desktop computers has continued to decline during this period, in preference for more mobile technology such as laptops and more recently, tablet computers. Demand for tablets has been driven by their mobility, size, weight and wireless capabilities.

The Computer Science Homework help console market has also struggled over the past five years due to ageing devices owing to the time lag between new releases. Console sales during this period have also been affected by a shift in consumer behaviour, with a decline in demand for consoles offering packaged games over more affordable web-delivered titles. Demand for consoles has further been affected by the popularity of playing games on smart phones and tablets in Computer Science Assignment Help. This has led to growth in the volume of gamers gravitating towards online play. In an attempt to address this shift, the latest releases by major console manufactures, Sony (PlayStation 4) and Microsoft (Xbox One), which are due in Australia in late 2013, will reportedly enable consumers to play games online and download game titles directly to their console.

Computer Software
The computer software segment is expected to contribute 15.0% of industry revenue in 2013-14. Demand for software is driven by the individual computing needs of consumers and by the release of latest software versions, offering new and enhanced features. Sales by this segment have been supported by the continued introduction of new software, providing consumers with added functionality, larger processors, greater speed and more efficient computers

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